Who are we?

If you’ve ever heard of {SuN}, short for Summit Under Nothing, you know who we are. After it shut down in the August of 2018, our goal was to rebuild the {SuN} Community and make it even better than it already was. 

If you don’t know who we are, here is our original biography: Summit Under Nothing was founded in October 2010 when two like-minded clans (<USA> and [NS]) joined together with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible gaming community to it’s members. Their focus has been, and always will be, community over competition; quality over quantity. What this means is that they don’t care about the size of the clan as long as they have a solid core of great people frequenting their servers.

SuN provides a new kind of gaming experience for its users. Aside from regular game servers, they also host completely original servers like their Event/Trade and Sandbox servers. You can read more about these servers on their website. Providing these servers is not a menial task and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication SuN puts into making their clan one of the best around.

SuN is more than a TF2 Server

We got multiple servers!

We currently own two TF2 servers, a Minecraft server, this website, and a Discord server!

We are a friendly and welcoming community!

In it's prime back in the day, Summit Under Nothing's Steam group used to have over 900 members. Several things have happened since then, but we are back and are ready to bring back {SuN}'s glory days!

Unique plug-ins and server setup

We have our own unique TF2 plugins! On our Sun City server, we have a money system where you can buy in-game perks, such as beacons (circular trails) and access to Team Fortress Sandbox! (Short for TFS, which is a unique and creative way to allow players to build to their heart's content!)

Meet the Staff

Meet our Staff members that keep our community a happy place!

Our team